5 simple ways to maintain good health

Maintaining health is better than cure. Since maintaining health only requires fewer sacrifice, than on treating disease.

There are many ways of maintaining health that can be done, some of them are:
1. keep your diet
Keep your diet is very important so that we can arrange just about anything that can get into your body and what should not be eaten.
In addition to the content of the foods you should eat, the clock settings must also be irregular so that your stomach is not problematic. Eat when hungry and stop before the full food portion, set to taste as you need.
Do not eat excessively because many impacts that will occur as the increase of the weight or even stimulate the onset of disease.

maintaining health with diet

2. Fasting
One of the benefits of fasting is to Detox. Detoxification process that expenditure of toxins in the body. In addition to removing the toxins in the body, fasting is also a way to rest the digestive apparatus.
There are many more benefits of fasting, for you who want to always be healthy and fit is highly recommended to do a fasting at least 2 times a week.

3. keep clean
Hygiene is the main thing that you should consider if you want to have a healthy body. If the unattended automated hygiene, bacteria, germs and viruses very easily reach your body.
Keep hygiene on your body by way of washing hands before eating and after working on something to make my hands dirty.
Besides this wash 2 times a day, every morning before work and evening work when done. Not just the body must be kept clean, remember the environment clean is also important!

4. Sports

This is one thing that cannot be missed if it is being discussed about health. Yes, the sport has proven to be very healthy body.
By exercising can unleash a circulation which is useful for heart health and may improve concentration. Exercise can also increase bone density, it's good to prevent Osteoporosis.

5. avoid Stress
Stress cannot be eliminated, but it can be reduced and avoided. Do positive activities spur you to be creative, so the things that trigger your stress can be forgotten for a moment.

5 ways to maintain the health of the body that have been described above hopefully can help you to prevent the arrival of the disease of your body!

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