Maintaining Health with Celery Plants

Maintaining healthy we can do with the food that we consume. Consume certain food could help maintain health, one of them by consuming celery.

Crops of celery (Apium graveolens) are complementary spice crops ingredients in various types of food. Celery subtropics originating from the region of Europe and Asia. Celery is a plant that grows and is found on the plateau with an altitude of over 900 mdpl.
seledry plants for health

Celery Plants

Crops of celery (Apium graveolens) have a thickened leaves and stalks to grow celeryneeds a fairly humid temperature, celery is widely planted and used is the celery leaves. Celery grows upright, with a height of approximately 50 cm long with a distinctive scent, berating square, grooved, hairy, plans, not branched, and pale green.

Crops of celery (Apium graveolens) are harvested after 6 weeks since planted. The leafstalk is rather old cut in 1 cm above the base of the leaves. Young leaves are allowed to grow to be harvested later. Stalk the leaves are fleshy and juicy can be eaten raw as lalab (fresh vegetables), while the leaves are used for flavoring soup and other types of food. If planted in tropical areas celery, stalks less bulky size, so that all parts of the plant are used as a vegetable. Celery can be propagated by seeds.

The nature and Benefits of Celery

A nutritious boost celery root enzymes in the digestive organs and urinary tract of deciduous (diuretic), whereas in celery seed is utilized as a perda seizures(antispasmodic), the lower the levels of uric acid in the blood, anti-rheumatic, deciduousfart (carminative), aphrodisiac and a tranquilizer (sedative). On the leaves of celery has a distinctive smell the taste is sweet, a little bit spicy and cool nature. Celery leaves is a tonic, improves the digestive enzymes in the (stomatik), lower blood pressure (hypotensive), stop the bleeding (hemostasis), deciduous peeing (diuretic), launched the arrival of menstruation and relieve menstrual pain, deciduous fart, helps the body secretes high levels of uric acid, uric acid high, help clean the blood of toxins in food and drinks as well as improve the work function of the hormone impaired.

The chemical compound owned celery:

All parts of the plant contain flavonoids, saponins of celery, 1% tannin, oil asiri 0,033%,flavo-glucosides (apiin), apigenin, kolin, lipase, asparagine, bitter substances, vitamins (A, B and c). Every 100 gr herbal celery contains water as much as 93 ml, 0.9 grams of protein, fat 0.1 grams carbohydrate, 4 grams fiber, 0.9 gr, calcium 50 mg, 1 mg, phosphorus iron 40 mg, iodine 150 mg, 400 mg, magnesium potassium 85 mg, 130 IU vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin 15 mg 0.05 mg, thiamine 0.03 mg, NICOTINAMIDE 0.4mg. Root contains asparaginemanit, substances, starch, mucilage, atsiri oils, pentosan, glutamine and tyrosine. 
The seeds contain oil evaporate, apiin, apigenin and alkaloids.Apigenin efficacious hipotensif.

Parts that can be used are all part of the celery plant body starting from the roots, seeds, leaves, stems, seeds and leaves the fruit is ripe.

One of the benefits of celery leaves is by way of consuming the herb celery. The first is to take a bunch of celery leaves and then after it's washed up clean. After that cut it off with the small size of the celery and then put into the pot. Stew for approximately 10 minutes and after that chill. You can drink it as much as 1 Cup in the day and this could help in reducing the toxins that accumulate to get out through the urine. One of the latest studies carried out shows result that celery is very active and effective in helping overcome cancer
Celery is known to contain deposits of at least eight anti-cancer compounds. And among them is acetylenics, which has been proven in helping stop the growth and development of cells of tumor diseases. And Coumarin in celery can help in preventing the attack of free radicals from the cells that can be damaging. And besides, the mineral content in the celery is able to help balance the pH in the body which can help neutralize the acidity.

For the athletes, they can consume in a way in juice after they do exercises to enhance their tonic exercise because it can help replace lost fluids and reh

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