Free Sexual Health Test

The fact is many of STIs don't have any signs or symptoms in the vast majority of people.  Or they have moderate signals which can be easily overlooked.  This is why the term "disease" (like in STD) is beginning to be replaced by disease (or STI).  The only way to know if you have an STI is to get examined.

Free Sexual Health Test
A great deal of individuals are confused about getting tested for STIs.  For example, you might think your yearly will include tests for STIs if your healthcare provider understands you are sexually active.  The truth is that some suppliers might test for a few infections when you come in for a regular check-up, unless you ask them to, while some do not check for any STI.

If you have had unprotected intercourse, have a brand new spouse (or more than 1 partner), or even for any reason are concerned you have been exposed to an STI, then talk to your healthcare provider about getting tested be tested for these top common STIs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, herpes, HPV, syphilis and trichomoniasis.  You may at least understand which ones you have been examined for and which ones you weren't if your health care provider feels you don't have to get assessed for some of these.

What will I be examined?

Everybody who attends the clinic will be offered the evaluations that are routine even though in certain circumstances tests may be advised.  You will see a physician or a nurse.

Genital skin evaluation

Included in your check-up nurse or the physician will provide to examine the genital skin searching for bumps, lumps, sores or sores which may be indications of infections such as genital herpes, genital warts or syphilis.

If you have symptoms, A examination is recommended particularly.

Nurses and physicians at the practice are experts at creating the experience as comfortable as possible for you and at examinations.  However, if you're just too embarassed or shy to have an examination you can provide samples for Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia .

Female testing

Swabs are taken to detect infection.  It may be recommended to take swabs from anus or the neck depending upon your symptoms and history.  Using our microscopes we are able to view trichomonas, bacterial vaginosis, thrush and gonorrhoea on the afternoon of presence.

Male testing

A urine sample is taken for gonorrhoea testing and Chlamydia.  When you have pain passing urine or discharge from the penis so a small swab could be taken in the tip of the urethra (opening at the tip of the penis).  So we can choose whether you require therapy prior to your other test results come 27, this sample will be looked at under the microscope over the day.

If you have sex it is advised to have taken from your throat and anus for testing for gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

Diseases such as gonorrhoea and chlamydia usually don't have symptoms and can easily be passed anal and oral sex or from fingering, rimming and sharing of sex toys.

Blood tests

We provide routine screening for Syphilis and HIV.  When appropriate,  Hepatitis A, B and C screening is offered.

Do STI tests work?

Getting tested can be quick and easy.  Depending on what you are being analyzed for, your provider ask you to pee in a cup, or might take a swab, a blood sample.  Easy!  Here's an Concept of what to expect:
The test is straightforward and you will not have to be analyzed.  It is possible to either pee in a pot or girls can utilize a self-taken vaginal swab.  All evaluations are free, can be requested online (and come in discreet packing the size of a few DVDs) and include easy instructions.

Things to think about before you examine

Wait at least 2 weeks involving a risk (eg sex with a new spouse) and taking the test - testing too soon may miss an early infection.

Adhere to the test instructions.

Avoid testing during a stage - blood can result in a false negative outcome.

Your test won't tell you whether or not your partner has chlamydia - get if 23, him or her to check.

Wait at least six weeks until you re-test, if you have had treatment for chlamydia.  Testing sooner than this may give a false positive result.

The results

You will receive your results within fourteen days of being analyzed.

We can write to you, phone you or text youpersonally, whichever you want.

All contact will be confidential.

So, seldom, the evaluation may give a false outcome, no test is 100% true.

Your result may differ from your sexual spouse.      

You can do a free sexual health test. 

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