The benefits and content of coconut water for health

Coconut plant that has the Latin name of Cocos Nucifera, is often found on the coast, while the coconut fruit is currently very easily obtained anywhere.
Coconut fruit enthusiasts more and more because the public knows the multitude of benefits contained in the coconut fruit.
Singer Madonna is reportedly even daring to invest US $ 1.5 million for a company that produces young coconut water. He was so fond of coconut water, because its benefits for health.
The benefits and content of coconut water for health

Coconut water contain antioxidant Substances, Cytokine which is beneficial for antiaging and anti-cancer, natural source of electrolyte sterile and contains levels of potassium, chlorine, and that khlor high.

Coconut water has long been known as the source of the substance grows, namely sitokinin. In addition, coconut water also contains protein, a little fat, minerals, carbohydrates, and a variety of vitamins (C and B complex).

Benefits of coconut water for health and beauty are as follows:

1. Removes dehydration

Green coconut water has much in common with the fluid that is inside our body. In addition the content of electrolytes in green coconut water is very high. Green coconut water has a very high content of electrolytes can replace the lost fluids in our bodies when we are activity. Other content which is contained in the Green coconut water is useful for maintaining potassium water pressure in the cell and in the blood. In addition, green coconut water is very easily absorbed by the body. That is the reason why the Green coconut water can relieve dehydration in the body.
Coconut milk can also be used as a drink to replenish the energy naturally. Green coconut water also has the effect of normalization. Vitamin a is pretty much on the Green coconut water can add to our energy while it is moving. Green coconut water can drink by mixing with honey.

 2. Green coconut juice can neutralize toxins in the body

Many people use them, because they believe that coconut water is potent green dump toxic inside the body. The content of Tannins and antidotum (anti toxins) that are contained on the Green coconut water is very high. Green coconut water also contains enzymes that can break down the toxins in the body.
Young coconut water can also help overcome the effects of toxic drugs sulfa another anti-biotic, making these medications more quickly absorbed into the blood.

 3. Maintaining healthy kidneys

The kidney is very important organ of our body. By consuming the Green coconut water on a regular basis, then we can maintain the health of the kidneys.
In addition due to the nature of liquid that serves to help facilitate the work of the kidneys, coconut water is also effective as a diuretic, which is spending to make way for urine.

4. Keep your digestive system

If you're having trouble in digestive system like constipation, then can try the Green coconut water as a cure. Green coconut water content that can break down toxins in the body can also parse trash or impurities contained in the body and excreted through defecation.

5. Maintaining heart health

Many vitamins and useful content for the body of the Green coconut water turns can also be used for maintaining heart health.
For you who have problems with high cholesterol levels, then you can consume the Green coconut water on a regular basis. The low fat content on the Green coconut water in trust can keep cholesterol levels in our bodies.
The low fat content on the Green coconut water in trust can increase HDL (good cholesterol) in our body.

6. Keep your blood pressure in order to remain stable

Green coconut water containing magnesium and potassium may help to maintain blood pressure in order to remain stable for the sufferer of high blood naturally.

7. as a remedy for fever disease

The number of substances contained in coconut water can also help lower the heat of the fever. Green coconut water can be used as a first aid remedy, i.e. in a way combine the coconut green glass of water with a tablespoon of honey into warm water and then for the sufferers of hay fever.

8. Improve vitality in men

In men smokers, nicotine content in cigarettes can cause vitality in men decrease. Consume green coconut water on a regular basis can also reduce the amount of nicotine in the body that interfere with fertility levels in men.
Coconut water is mixed in a little honey is a cheap tonic, but nutritious. This herb stimulates the sexual body centers and eliminates the bad sex time.

 9. Coping with hair loss

Green coconut water is useful also to cope with hair loss. Content of glucose, amino acids, fructose, sucrose, minerals, and sucrose can help overcome hair loss due to dandruff. The use of coconut water as a remedy for hair loss, coping with how to mix the salt into the Green coconut water and let stand overnight. After overnight silenced, and then sweep on the head from scalp to the ends of the hair and massage – a massage for a bit. After that, wrap it with a towel and let stand overnight and rinse hair with warm the next day
Green coconut water mixed with 1 teaspoon salt and used to wash the hair, preventing the growth of nutritious white hair as the hair of the elderly.

 10. Make the skin become smooth

Skin beauty is highly desired by every woman. Compounds contained in coconut water are helpful to form a network of collagen on the skin.
With drinking or washing the face with green coconut water on a regular basis can help get rid of acne, eliminate freckles on the face, remove wrinkles on the face, maintaining smooth moisture on the skin, and prevent premature aging of the skin of the face.
Green coconut water contains antioxidant substances that can help ward off free radicals so help inhibit premature aging of the skin.
Some skin allergies occur due to the presence of viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Green coconut water which has the properties break down viruses, bacteria, and fungi can help heal skin allergies.

So an article about coconut water is good for health.

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